I highly recommend Suzanne Edwards to anyone wishing to avail themselves of her services as a mediator. I have know Suzanne for many years as a colleague in various activities involving the use of alternative dispute resolution among adversary parties. She has been formally trained in the use of mediation, interest and rights arbitration, and fact finding. She has also been involved on a daily basis in settling contract and other disputes. I have observed her to be well organized, detail oriented, willing to work hard and committed to excellence. She has a record of accomplishment whether in terms of organizational goals or those of the many individuals whom she has successfully represented.

Suzanne has the skills and experience that suit her well for a mediation role. She communicates easily and well, writes clearly and to the point and will bring considerable energy to whatever she does. In a word, She's an engaging personality with the skills and talents to perform well in any problem solving environment. I have no hesitation in recommending her to those in need for mediation or other dispute resolution services.

Victor C. Thuesen - Attorney at law

After working with Suzanne for several years on multiple projects, I cannot say enough about her as a professional and a person. A zealous advocate, she is able to see every side to a problem and analyze each one fairly and thoroughly. As an attorney, I often come across people who believe so strongly in their side of an argument that they cannot put themselves in the shoes of those on the opposite side. Suzanne is not one of those people. Although she has approached each task I have been lucky enough to work with her on with unparalleled dedication and passion, she has still been able to see the other side and give it the respect it deserves—a difficult task that Suzanne has mastered. Because of this talent, I have witnessed her ability to work to address the needs of all parties involved and settle so many challenging cases.  I do not think I have ever seen anyone do this quite like her. Suzanne is intelligent, truly caring, and fair. I am lucky to have worked alongside her and learned from her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Christina S. Gornail - Attorney at Law

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