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Divorce Mediation
Divorce Mediation can help you avoid some of the heart ache that comes with divorce, and a lot of the expense.

Uncontested Divorce
In an Uncontested divorce, the divorcing couple has a negotiated divorce agreement which is presented to the court for review and approval by the judge.

Connecticut Divorce
This page is a layman’s brief description of the Connecticut divorce process.

Do It Yourself Divorce
Can you get a Do It Yourself Divorce? The short answer is, yes.

Same Sex Divorce
Though it has not always been the case. Today, same sex couples have the same right to get married as opposite sex couples do. With that right comes the unfortunate possibility of divorce.

Legal Separation

​The Legal separation process in CT is the same as the Connecticut Divorce process, but in the end the couple remains legally married and may not re-marry.

MOU - Memorandum Of Understanding
The end product of a successful mediation is a document called Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU.

Divorce Costs
What are the potential cost of divorce when a couple decides to fight it out in court?

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