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Though it has not always been the case. Today, same sex couples have the same right to get married as opposite sex couples do. With that right comes the unfortunate possibility of divorce.

During the years 2009 and 2010, Connecticut made the transition to recognizing same sex marriage. In 2010, civil unions ceased to be performed, and depending on the date, some earlier civil unions were automatically converted to marriages. Other early civil unions had the option to be converted to a marriage.

Prior to 2009, civil unions, commitment ceremonies, registered domestic partnerships, and other statements of relationship were used. Some recognized by the State, some not.

Whether or not, a relationship is recognized by the state, the end of any relationship has all of the same issues that need to be resolved. The longer the relationship, the more intertwined our lives become and the more difficult it is to untie.

All married couples must go though the
Divorce process. The process makes sure that important issues are addressed and agreements are made to deal with each of these issues.

In the case of relationships not recognized by the state. Separating couples with children, substantial finances, or other important circumstances should have an agreement between themselves to help make the future more predictable.

Divorce mediation is the best way to address these important issues and develop a settlement that both of you can live with. The written agreement generated by the mediation process is known as a Memorandum Of Understanding, or MOU. In the case of a divorce, this MOU is presented to the court and becomes a part of the final divorce decree. For a separating couple, when the MOU is signed by both parties it becomes an enforceable contract between the parties.

In earlier years, an effort to recognize the validity of same sex relationships, the concept of Registered Domestic Partnerships was developed. If you and your partner are registered as domestic partners through a municipality, employer, school or other entity be sure to terminate the partnership formally by submitting a written document to the entity.  Some entities have forms of their own. Make sure both partners sign it and have it notarized prior to submitting.

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