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Do It Yourself Divorce

Can you get a Do It Yourself Divorce?

The short answer is, yes.

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, and neither of you feel it is necessary to fight over every aspect of your divorce. Then your divorce would likely be an 
Uncontested Divorce and could be suited for Do It Yourself or Pro Se Divorce.

In the state of Connecticut, divorce law allows for Pro Se divorce. Though the process can be intimidating and confusing, it is not hard. First you will fill out the necessary forms, and file those forms with the superior court of your judicial district. During the designated waiting period you will need to develop a reasonable divorce agreement and file that agreement with the court. Finally on the appointed day, both spouses need to appear before the judge and formally agree to what is in your forms. This is an overly simplified description of the Pro Se Divorce process. For a complete description, the State of Connecticut provides a
Do It Yourself Divorce Guide to help couples fully understand the Connecticut Divorce process. 

For many couples the most difficulty part of this process is writing the divorce agreement. Especially if children are involved. This document will need to describe your agreements with regard to children, income and expenses, assets and liabilities, insurances, etc.. This agreement should be detailed in it's contents. The more detailed your agreement, the better the understanding between the individuals as they move forward with their lives. This agreement process is where
Divorce Mediation can help.

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