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A detailed co-parenting agreement is made up of all child rearing activities, and takes into consideration quality time and quantity time with your children. Child Custody is an important part of that co-parenting agreement. Determining the custody and the visitation schedule will be the foundation on which the parent child relationship will be built. Child Support is also part of a total co-parenting agreement.

After the custody of a child, or children, and visitation has been decided many other decisions must be made. Issues like education, health care, extracurricular activities, etc.. In mediation, both parents, not a child custody lawyer or judge, make the decisions affecting their children. The final co parenting agreement can be as unique as necessary. It does not have to be cookie cutter.

Marriages end, but the parent-children relationship doesn’t have too. Co parenting means you will have a relationship with the other parent for many years, if not the rest of your life. The goal is to cooperate enough to share in your kids' lives even as they grow and develop all the way to adulthood. Mediation provides you with a safe place for difficult discussions, promoting mutual respect and dignity. Mediation can help you build the new foundation for your new relationship as individuals.

Through mediation, you will detail all aspects of your co-parenting plan which will be documented in a mediation agreement called a 
Memorandum Of Understanding. After both parents sign this document it becomes a legal road map to be followed and refer to after your divorce is final.​

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