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About Suzanne Edwards

Suzanne Edwards received mediator training for corporate/business mediation as well as her divorce mediation certification at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. In addition to mediation she received arbitration training at the University of Maryland.

Suzanne has had a very successful career specializing in the
Alternate Dispute Resolution process, also known as Interest Based Bargaining. She belives strongly in conflict resolution because of the communication it promotes between the parties. For over 16 years she worked to resolve corporate/employee conflicts by working with labor and management to resolve work place issues.

On the front lines, Suzanne worked with the first airline and labor union to incorporate the Alternate Dispute Resolution process into their contract. The process of resolving disputes/grievances before going to Arbitration was greatly beneficial to both sides.

After completing Arbitration Training at the University of Maryland, Suzanne spent an additional
5 years working in Arbitration Advocacy. Researching, preparing, and presenting cases on behalf of individuals relating to their contract in the areas of discipline and termination disputes. She had a very successful track record of receiving fair settlement agreements.

Suzanne also served as a Board of Director for 11 years for a non profit organization with over 18,000 members.

Branching out from the corporate world. Suzanne started her own mediation practice dedicated to helping divorcing couples move forward into the next phase of their life, with dignity and grace. Couples interested in 
Divorce Mediation need to understand that mediation requires a mediator, not lawyers. Through mediation, and the Memorandum Of Understanding, couples can redefine their lives apart while maintaining the Co-Parenting structure necessary for their children. Keeping that very special bond and relationship with both parents is very important. Family planning should be uniquely designed to fit the individuals involved, not the one size fits all approach of the past.

Traveling the world extensively, Suzanne has attained a wealth of experience in diversity and cultures. She holds current professional membership with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Association for Conflict Resolution - the New England Chapter.

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