If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, and neither of you feel it is necessary to fight over ever aspect of your divorce.

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uncontested Divorce

All interpersonal relationships experience conflict. But when your situation gets to the point where communication has broken down, and finding any kind of agreement seems impossible, it’s time to seek assistance. But what are your options?

Counseling is one option, but what if counseling doesn’t work? Or, is not an option. Then what? The legal system? 

Avoid the Legal System if you Can.

No one looks forward to getting involved in the legal process, except maybe the attorneys. Large retainer fees and billable hours. Courts are big and impersonal, and as they should be, only interested in the law and justice. Fairness and what is uniquely in the best interest of the parties involved is far to often lost.

If you can avoid going to court, avoid it.

There are times when court is unavoidable. Some situations require the approval of a judge to be legal. Such as in the case of  divorce. Even an
uncontested divorce requires all agreements to be reviewed and approved by a judge. 

Rather than fighting and litigation, mediation is a far more cost effective way to deal with such legal issues. A mediated agreement avoids the necessity of hiring lawyers to hash out an agreement for you, Mediation minimizes the time and frustration spent in the legal system.

Mediation is a healthy the alternative in dispute resolution, and may be just what you’re looking for.

Make your own decisions. Don't leave it to the Courts.

Through mediation, individuals accomplish what they could not accomplish on their own, respectful and productive communication, which in turn knocks down the barriers to a mutually beneficial resolution.

With a certified and caring 
mediator, who is trained in conflict resolution, disputing parties work through their concerns to find understanding and mutual agreements. By encouraging communication in a safe and confidential atmosphere the parties can define the true issues to be confronted. A mediator is an impartial and fair third party who keeps discussions on track, makes observations, and if necessary may suggest options not yet considered. Through this very successful process, parties come to their own unique agreements for their own unique circumstances. 

Because the parties make their own mutually beneficial agreements they prevent unwanted decisions from being imposed upon them by the court. They also avoid the typical anger and animosity that comes from fighting it out in court. Mediation increases the chance for civil interaction in the future.

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In an Uncontested Divorce, both spouses agree that they want a divorce and generally agree on the issues surrounding their divorce. 

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 Avoid the fight, and the attorney fees

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A detailed co-parenting agreement is made up of all child rearing activities, and takes into consideration quality time and quantity time with your children.

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